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I'm a housewife and mother of a teenage daughter. Our family enjoys traveling. My favorite place to visit is Walt Disney World. In my spare time I enter sweepstakes, contests and giveaways in addition to blogging. I'm also an Editor for Sweepstakes Advantage which I enjoy. There's nothing better in life than doing something you love and getting paid to do it.




Walt Disney World, located in Florida is one of the most facinating places in the world. When "It's A Small World" is sung by anyone, a worldwind of childhood memories rush back to me as though I'm standing in the middle of the grandiose Walt Disney World . It's a magical place and the animation is brillant. I've had the pleasure to share this experience with both family and friends throughout the years.  There are so many great things to do and see in Walt Disney that I can't simply touch on them in one day, therefore I'll have to continue to add to the blog regularily. In today's blog, I'll be unearthing my discoveries of our stay at the Carribean Beach Resort on the Disney Properties.

There are some great places to stay on the Disney Properties and in the surrounding area. It was difficult for me to comb through each Disney Resort to find the perfect stay for us. I selected a moderate resort because it was the best value for our needs. I was looking for something affordable that had an impresive pool. I found what I was looking for when I came across the Carribean Beach Resort. The Carribean Beach Resort had vibrantly colored rooms and an incredible pool with a colossal slide and waterfall. It also had a restraunt within walking distance. I also took note that there was a shuttle that was in walking distance that we could hop on that took us to the Theme Parks, Water Parks and various other destinations. Beyond all the great treasures of having a beautiful pool, a convenient shuttle service and dinning facility within walking distance I also viewed all the ammenties being offered at that particular Resort.
When we arrived at the Carribean Beach Resort, we each were given a key. Once inside our rooms we relaxed and planned out what would be our footsteps to the Walt Disney Theme Parks. The off days where we wouldn't go to a theme park we would stay at our hotel and relax. Some mornings, my daughter and I would start our day early by taking a stroll to one of the local restaurants to eat breakfast. There was always an array of breakfast foods displayed for our choosing. I loved indulging in fresh fruit each morning along with a few other breakfast items.
The evenings at the Carribean Beach Resort were adventureous. My husband, daughter and I would go out walking as the sun set in the horizon. We'd gaze at the plants nestled along the path and found enjoyment together as we stumbled upon hidden alcoves that hammocks were meticulously placed for guests to rest in. There was also a man made pond that a bridge was perched. In the evening my daughter and I would merely walk across the wooden bridge. On the other side of the pond was the pool. We would spend hours of enjoyment together laughing and splashing!
The Carribean Beach captured the felling we were looking for with all the vivid colors of the rooms inside and the pastels of the outside. The pool was relaxing in the evenings. The walkways and surrounding area just set each of us at peace for a fantastic relaxing evening after winding down from the parks.

Our vacation included a Disney Dining Plan which is offered to all Guests of the Disney Resorts. There were various Dining Plans to choose from. There was the Plus Quick-Service Dining, Plus Dining, Plus Deluxe Dining, Premium Package, and Platinum Package. We selected the Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining. I then began viewing the various restraunts to see which one our family would be interested in eating at. I was looking for something that had excellent food and had an atmosphere we wouldn't forget. For this particular dining experience I selected Cinderella's Royal Table located inside of the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Spirit of Aloha Show located at the Polynesian Resort, Sci-Fi Dine In Theater located in the Baclot of Hollywood Studios, and the San Angel Inn to name a few. Some of the restraunts required advance reservations so I called in advance to insure we were able to be seated at some of the more upscale places. After I selected our dining package I got on the phone and began making reservations.

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