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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun Facts about Michigan's Population Compared To The Rest Of The World

I bet it's never crossed your mind on how many people live in the Michigan area and what our population stats are compared to the rest of the world.....? It's never crossed my mind over the 39 years that I've been breathing the air here on earth up until today. Why would it cross my mind today? It's simple, I've decided to pull together a blog about Michigan and the surrounding business and communities that surround my hometown of Romeo. I thought it would be a fun fact to start with in helping us understand the overall picture of where we stand as a whole on planet earth. The stats below are based on the 1999 census:
Michigan's Population: 9,969,727
United States Population: 307,006,550
China's Population: 1,331,460,000
Entire Planet's Population: 6,893,500,000

Throughout our journey in the Michigan area's I'll be discussing some of the prominent topics that are occuring in our area, providing fun facts about Michigan and touching on some of the business's here in Michigan. I'll also be providing my personal reviews on travel, hotels, campgrounds, entertainment, attractions, nightlife and much more. Stay tuned to find out everything that is happening here in Michigan!

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